Light of Love takes a deeper look into understanding the call… the “why” of religious life.


This was the official website for the 2013 film, Love of Light. Light of Love is a one-hour documentary produced by Lighthouse Catholic Media and Imagine Sisters. The content below is from the site's archived pages.

My neighbor is a lovely woman who has been and continues to be a foster mom for hard to place children. She is also deeply religious praising and thanking the Lord when every day blessings occur and seeking support and spiritual help when times are wearing and tough. One day when all the kids were in school, she dropped by to share some freshly made coffee cake with me. Sipping tea and munching on the coffee cake our conversation ranged from how the kids were doing in school, to commenting on how I found my classic Batman sweatshirt online. She noted that we seemed to be Batman fans as evident from the numerous Batman t-shirts hanging out to dry ranging in size from small kid sizes up to obviously adult men's sizes. We laughed about the variety of different designs and where I bought them. One of her foster children's birthday was coming up and he had expressed a desire to have a Batman t-shirt. As she was leaving she invited us over the following Saturday evening to watch a documentary film about that follows five Catholic Sisters and begins with the sisters responding to why they feel called to religious life. She observed that the general public has created stereotypes of what "nuns should be" ... or not be and the film was a gracious eye opener. The film was Love of Light. I loved the sisters' honesty, passion, and evident love of God and religious life and am so thankful that I saw it.


We often have ideas of religious life… either kneeling in a convent or out in the streets assisting the poor. While both of these scenes are essential to the life as a sister, Light of Love takes a deeper look into understanding the call… the “why” of religious life. By interviewing five sisters from five orders across the United States, the film places viewers face to face in intimate conversations with these amazing women. What does it mean to be called? What are the struggles of religious life? How have you seen God move through your ministry? These questions and others are addressed throughout the film.

The film itself is very simple: 60 minutes designed for viewers to quiet their surroundings and enter into convent, the food pantry, the hospital, and the chapel. With minimal music and simple visuals, Light of Love gives viewers a look into the lives, suffering, and joys of religious life captured in a way like never before.

The discussion and discernment guides that can be downloaded above include questions that should be considered before pressing play on the film. The film makers recommend viewing the film in one sitting- careful to listen and take in the reality and love of these women. If you are interested in receiving a resource box from Imagine Sisters and our gracious sponsors, please click apply under the film above.

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The Imagine Sisters Movement uses visual media to show the world that nuns are awesome. We are proud to announce a new partnership with Lumen Vere  and Lighthouse Catholic Media to produce a twenty minute film called Light of Love. Following the footsteps of the immensely popular Fishers of Men (for priests), the film will feature sisters sharing about their beautiful vocation. Help us make this film a reality.


The Basics

Sisters are a powerful witness to the world, and a film must be made to showcase the lives and service of these amazing women. Following boldly in the footsteps of great vocations films like Fishers of MenLight of Love will tell the beautiful story of four sisters from across the United States. We must raise at least $20,000 by February 1st, 2013 in order to produce Light of Love and be able to release it for free online and in DVD form in late summer 2013. 

The Film

The film will be produced by Lighthouse Catholic Media and Los Angeles-based film company, Lumen Vere Media. By interviewing sisters from multiple orders and showcasing their daily lives of prayer and service, Light of Love will provide a unique and beautiful look into the convents and lives of religious sisters. Many films have been produced that feature only a specific order, but the creators of Light of Love have set out to bring a diverse set of charisms and life stories to the film. Resources will be available to download for group discussion, and web resources will continue to be added to serve as a foundation and supplement to the film. We live in a culture that thrives on visual media… it is time that we bring the light of Christ in a way that engages and inspires young people to actively seek their vocation.

Funding the Film

Light of Love will be funded entirely by donations from the faithful, and we must come together to bring this film to the world for the sake of vocations in our Church.. The film requires traveling across the United States, a team of professional filmakers and editors, and promotional costs. Donations are completely tax deductible through Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP (a registered 501 C3) either by check or online. While our goal is $20,000, any money  raised over that number will contribute to marketing and getting the film to young people.


Light of Love will be made available primarily through the Imagine Sisters Movement, an online vocations organization aimed at passionately proposing the possibility of becoming a bride of Christ. Working under the mission that one sister can change the world, Imagine Sisters creates films, graphics, and comprehensive web content and discernement materials that are viewed by thousands of people every week. The movement has a very large following on Facebook, and the film will be promoted and shared on various Imagine Sisters social network to a crowd of over 100,000 viewers. To learn more about Imagine Sisters, view the website or YouTube page.

Get Involved

1. Pray for the film and the success of the Imagine Sisters Movement. Pray for all of those who feel the call but do not think they have the courage to respond. Pray for all religious sisters.
2. Make a donation
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4. Bookmark our Light of Love Blog.  We will be adding weekly production photos and behind the scenes material!
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New Site + Where do the funds go?


  • November 24, 2012
  • By: Imagine Sisters

Imagine Sisters + Lighthouse Catholic Media + Lumen Vere Media (we’ll just call them the production team) are proud to announce a new site for our film, Light of Love. We’ll be posting production notes, images, and behind the scenes photos on this blog so stay tuned! But before we can begin filming we need to raise a few bucks. We’ve gotten a few messages about where the money will go, so here is a little breakdown:

  1. Travel:  plane tickets for a team of 3-5, hotel rooms, rental cars, shipping equipment, meals, and unending coffee supply.
  2. Equipment: camera, sound, and lighting rentals plus additional equipment for the project.
  3. Professional Services: we have to pay cameramen, interviewers, line producers, editors, and sound techs.
  4. Finishing: graphics for titles and intro/ending sequences, design for the DVD covers, mastering and final touches.
  5. Marketing: we want to get the film out all over the world, free of charge. Facebook ads, print ads, web ads, ads everywhere!

Lumen Vere Media has provided all of the video and design services up until now for free because they love nuns. But in order to make this production both beautiful and technically superior to anything else out there, we’ve got to hire them. We have worked a great deal with the team, and films of this caliber normally cost $100,000 or more. This is an exciting opportunity, and we’ve been blessed with a team that is willing to work for what we can afford. That being said, any additional funds we raise for the film will increase the quality and exposure after it is finished.

So what are you waiting for? Make a donation and tell your friends and family about this exciting opportunity for the Church. Please pray for us, and stay tuned… it’s about to get real exciting!

The Production Team